and The Feztones

Are you ready to
Sheik yer booty ??

Don't you just know it?

Those wacky college party animals are at it again! Fuad Ramses and his team of hi-jinx musicians not only bring you classic frat tunes that make you twist your tush, mash your potato and freak out like Freddie King, they will ALSO drive your frat-house to a frantic frenzy! Need a party? No problem! Fuad and The Feztones are a party! And they play instruments too! From Toga partys to totally trashing the tea party, Fuad Ramses and The Feztones are sure to rock out the joint!

All right!   Let's party!

Upcoming shows

Sunday September 4th 2016

@ The Atomic Cafe - 8pm
3606 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H1W 1R7
For more info, go to: Modtreal 2016

Save water. Drink beer!

Do it!

If not beer, drink coffee!

Lots of coffee!

Book us for a gig or entice us with pizza and beer !

You can always find us on The facebooks if you really want to get up close and personal... or to stay up-to-date on our shenanigans!

No, you cannot call us. Here is a mystery phone number that may or may not reach someone that could know where we are hiding. 20-(BIG)-MYS-TERY (20-244-697-8379)

I see you really want to get in touch with us. Very well. Please mail the carbon-copy double to this fax number: info@fuadandthefeztones.com